Tartu Counseling and Crisis Help Center

The Counselling and Crisis Help Center of Tartu is a NPO (non-profit organisation). The office began working as a Family Counseling Center in December 1980. The goal of our organisation is health and social welfare. Our consultants are psychologists and psychotherapists. We offer individual, couple, family and group counselling and psychotherapy. We serve adult people as well as youngsters and children and families from Tartu and region. We set up personal development and career planning groups for unemployed people.

psychological consultations
psychotherapy (family therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy etc.)
career counselling
psycho diagnostics
crisis work

Tartu Counselling and Crisis Help Center
Vaksali str. 14, Tartu 50409 Estonia
Phone (+372) 742 7555
Mobile (+372) 55 517 427
E-mail: tnk@tnk.tartu.ee